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BRAINWAVE MUSIC LAB, 17–26 October 2014, MUU Studio, Helsinki, Finland


Brainwave Music Lab creates interactive cross-disciplinary performances that are based on the audience’s and the artist’s electrical brain impulses and other biophysical processes. These processes are made perceptible using digital media. In the works of Brainwave Music Lab, bodily functions and technology complement each other. Their projects typically involve many people from the field of live and visual art (performance, media art, sound art, light art, theatre, music) as well as experts in psychology and brain research. One viewer/test subject at a time gets to observe their own processes in the Hyper Mirror by booking a session in advance by phone, 09 625972. The duration of each session is about 30 minutes. A real-time audio and video monitoring system will be set up outside the test site for outside observers. Ajanvaraus / Appointment: tel +358 (0)9 625 972. Concept by Marko Alastalo Visual design by Jenni Kääriäinen Video produced by MUU Media Base. Camera and editing: Sinem Kayacan.

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