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Locked Groove (2013)

Petri Kuljuntausta

Petri Kuljuntausta: music Klaus Nyqvist: video Locked Groove (2013) is a video installation that I created together with artist Klaus Nyqvist (VJ Klaustrofobia). As a soundtrack I used a silent track of an old vinyl record. The silence of the record is actually not silent, the listener will hear the noises of the groove, clicks and pops, scratches, and noise of dirt. All these noises has been accidentally captured on the groove during the decades. I processed the silence track through active equalizer. The piece starts from the highest noises of the groove (low noises are filtered out) and ends to the lowest noises of the track (where the highest noises are filtered out). The video is projected on a large screen that is installed on the wall of the gallery. Under the screen, on the floor, is a vinyl record running on the turntable of an old 1960’s record-player. The area in front of the screen is surrounded by four Genelec speakers that distribute the noises of vinyl record. With four speakers it is possible to make full sound field around the visitor. The basic visual element on the video is black and white vertical stripes. At the beginning of the video the stripes are quite still, but gradually the noises of the vinyl affects to the edges of stripes and they start to shake. When the time passes the movement comes stronger until finally the stripes broke up and the screen is full of broken black and white particles. The Locked Groove was screened first time in January-February 2013 at the gallery of the Finnish Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. The work has been released on a compilation DVD entitled Muu Video 2013 (Muudvd09-2013).

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