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Love For You Is a Duty

Adel Abidin

Mixed Media & Sound Installation Adel Abidin, 2014 Everyone wants to be politically correct about gender issues. But practically this does not apply; as these matters are not yet solved. line and feminine views of the opposite gender Both men and women are in denial of sexual identity issues. Women have taken the man as a model for their freedom and men are simply afraid to embrace it. This installation discusses the topic through two iconic images: Moses, who wrote the very first document that obliterates the feminine divinity that was valid for thousands of years among many civilisations around the globe; and Virgin Mary, who came later on as a re- minder to all people of the divine female and the female who does not need a man. This song positions the viewer in the dead centre between the masculine and the feminine views of the opposite gender.

#Duty #Love #Flow_Festival #Adel_Abidin #Helsinki #2014 #Adel #gender #woman #man

Keräyksessä Mediataiteen verkkosivuja 2016


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