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Accidental Lovers - story 2 - part 2/2 (Finnish only)


Hybrid of mobile phone messaging chat and black comedy series for television and broadband media. The Accidental Lovers concept won the CyberPitch award in the Banff International Television Festival 2003 and is now the first university production to be nominated for the Banff 2007 World Television Awards within its twenty-eight years of famed history. Accidental Lovers premiered on the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE Channel 1 as a mini series of 4 episodes on each Wednesday and Friday evening between Dec. 27, 2006 -- Jan. 5, 2007. Altogether 12 different love stories were created, based on the mobile text message discussion that the participating audience had during the shows.

#interactive_television #Media_Lab_Helsinki #Crucible_Studio #Kristiina_Elstelä #Lorenz_Backman

Keräyksessä Mediataiteen verkkosivuja 2016


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