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Clutch & Lucky Zombies Moments #5 - Call of Duty Black Ops 1 & 2 Zombies Montage


Extra long sunday special episode! Next Previous Unfortunate Zombies Moments Submit Your clips by sending a YT link via personal message! Current categories are: Unfortunate, fail, lucky and clutch. Have a clip that doesn't fit those key words but is awesome and extraordinary? You can always try your luck! :) Must be your own footage and by submitting agreeing any use of the footage on this channel. Make sure to provide the original RAW footage without added text, music or commentary (other than live reactions). Adding different view angles often makes the clip even better! Whose clips were used will be credited in the episodes description! FAQ Question: Why haven't you replied or watched my video? Answer: Clips are reviewed in the order the messages have arrived. Due to huge amount of submissions any schedule on when or if the clip will be used cannot be guaranteed. However, pretty much every clip will be viewed other than the ones that are blocked by a privacy setting. Luckiest Nuketown Zombies Player Click to Subscribe! Livestream: Second Channel: Twitter: Clips submitted by (check them out!) 1. Die Rise 2. Der Riese 3. Origins 4. Origins 5. Town 6. Mob of the Dead 7. Mob of the Dead 8. Verrückt 9. Verrückt 10. Verrückt 11. Kino Der Toten 12. Origins 13. Origins 14. Nuketown 15. TranZit 16. TranZit 17. Town Grief Xbox Live GT: The Rouxlive 18. Town Survival 19. Die Rise 20. Der Riese Call of Duty Black Ops 1 & 2 World at War Zombies Epic Lucky Clutch Community Compilation of Ways to Survive by TheRelaxingEnd & Subscribers.

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