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Thundergun Mark 2? M4FN Thunder - Call of Duty Black Ops Mod Zombies Guns to Multiplayer


Wunderwaffe DG-2 in multiplayer: Paralyzer in Multiplayer: Ray Gun Mark 4: Thundergun in Multiplayer: Dual Wield Ray Gun Mark 2: Blundergat in Multiplayer: Mustang & Sally in Multiplayer: Ray Gun Mark III 3: Scavenger Sniper Rifle in Multi: Dual Wield Ray Guns: Part of zombies weapon mod created with the official mod tools provided by Treyarch for CoD Black Ops multiplayer. Can be used either in Unranked matches (against other humans) or in Combat Training (against bots/humans). Using this mod is 100% legit and will NOT earn player any XP within multiplayer. Tested in Combat Training. Mod beta download: Version 2 (without tesla): List of wonder weapons and guns in the beta: Famas - Paralyzer Galil - Ray Gun Mark 3 HS10 - Blundergat L96A1 - Scavenger ASP - Ray Gun (Dual Wields as well) M1911 - Mustang and Sally (Dual Wields ONLY) PM63 - Ray Gun Mark 4 M14 - Wunderwaffe DG-2 RPG - Thundergun FNFAL - M4FN Thunder Subscribe to mod creator: Tutorial on how to download and install the mods coming up later. Also more zombies guns. ;) Please keep in mind that this Mod was created with Treyarch given tools and is allowed in Unranked matches on PC in Black Ops 1. Second channel: Livestream: Twitter: Facebook: Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Thundergun from zombies in Multiplayer Mod in for Unranked Matches Multiplayer. Created With Official Mod Tools.

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