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MW3 Survival Level 50: Sleight of Hand & Type 95 unlocked! - Special Ops mode - demonstration


Also: MW3 Survival Mode Wave 150 Note: Level 50, not wave 50. Just a demostration of the new stuff unlocked. I've been looking forward on getting SoH for three days, finally got it! My opinion on it: definitely most useful perk for solo (and co-op) camping strategies such as the one I've come up for Underground. Type 95 is nice too but personally I prefer having both, L86 and MG36, on later waves. Same thing as in zombies - assault rifles run out of bullets too quick. Modern Warfare 3 survival mode special ops gameplay, "tutorial" and strategy in map Underground by TheRelaxingEnd. How to get max lv and unlock Sleight of Hand and Type 95. Search words: survival mode wave 100 150 carbon resistance 90

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