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Die Rise Round 100 Solo - Glitch OR The Ultimate "SLIQUIFIER" Strategy? Black Ops 2 Zombies


Glitch or legit? Give it a rating! First of, this is the easiest and by far the fastest high round strategy ever created (not found by me). It's effectiveness is based on Sliquifier's chain reaction feature combined with the slippery effect and zombies spawn zones. As a result zombies slip right after they spawn and die by the Chain reaction. Should we consider this a programming flaw or did Treyarch actually want this strategy to be found in the game? Furthermore, should it be patched or left as it is? Leave your thoughts in the comments! :) Can be used to about round 130 - after that ammo will most likely become an issue. I will be attempting to a higher round later using a more challenging and time consuming strategy (training). This game took about 4h. Believe it or not. The players who were the first ones to post this: Livestream: Second channel: Twitter: Facebook: Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies Die Rise Round 100 Sliquifier Galvaknuckles Strategy. Not a World Record run.

#black_ops_2_zombies #therelaxingend #die_rise #world_record #round_100 #high_round_strategy #solo #best_strategy #sliquifier_strategy

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